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  1. Papers and Links 2013-06-21


    • Spectral Learning Algorithms for Natural Language Processing. Shay Cohen, Michael Collins, Dean Foster, Karl Stratos, Lyle Ungar [PDF] Spectral learning is an alternative method for learning model parameters, the advantage seems to be that it provides theoretical guarantees that EM does not.
    • Upcoming Interspeech paper about discriminatively training individual ...
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  2. Skeleton Makefile for Kaldi Projects

    Here is a short Makefile that will set th compiler options to allow programs to compiled and linked against your Kaldi installation. This is portable on the filesystem and new programs do not need to placed in a subdir of Kaldi's src dir. Once the KALDI_ROOT variable is set ...

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  3. Adding Vim Navigation Shortcuts to tmux

    Add the following code to ~/.tmux.conf to enable vim navigation shortcuts to move around the splits.

    unbind-key j
    bind-key j select-pane -D
    unbind-key k
    bind-key k select-pane -U
    unbind-key h
    bind-key h select-pane -L
    unbind-key l
    bind-key l select-pane -R

    Reload the config files by CTRL+B then ':' and ...

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  4. Typesetting Algorithms in reStructuredText

    This blog is written in rst, coming from LaTex I often want to add math equations and this is straightforward to achieve using MathJax. Latex offers excellent packages for typesetting algorithms. Unfortunately, no rst equivalent seems to exist. The solution I'm trying at the moment is create small fragments ...

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  5. Installing software with only RPM access

    This article explains how to install RPMs with yumdownloader on machine where you don't have root access but do have RPM privileges. Without full root access it isn't possible to install applications with the yum command under CentOS. Fortunately, it is possible to use yumdownloader to first fetch ...

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  6. Epsilon Cycle Detection Algorithm

    Recently, there was a question on the OpenFst forum asking how to detect epsilon cycles in finite state transducer (Fst). One solution is to start a depth first search (DFS) from every state and only traverse the epsilon transitions. Fortunately, OpenFst already has this implemented using a combination of the ...

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  7. OpenFst 1.3.3 mapped files

    One new addition in OpenFst 1.3.3 is memory mapping of const and compact Fsts. Part of the reading code has changed and there is now a new enumeration that switches the reading mode between MAP and READ modes.

    enum FileReadMode { READ, MAP };

    By default the value is set ...

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